Financing Instructions

Instructions to Apply for Financing

  1. Decide on which product you wish to apply for.  We recommend these:
    – Kangen 8 (K8)   $4980 USD   Click Here for product info
    – SD501   $3980 USD   Click Here for product info
    – Anespa DX Shower/Bath   $2890   Click Here for product info
    – All available products and prices are listed on our website:  Enagic Products
  2. Email us with your chosen product, city and state so we can calculate your total with shipping, state sales tax, etc.  Send Email
  3. We will respond back with the total amount required for your purchase, and the forms you need to use for your purchase.
  4. Complete the online loan application at the OnSpot Financing website, following the instructions on the website:  OnSpot Financing   Use 6161802 as your SPONSOR’s ID.
  5. Upon approval, you will receive an email through DocuSign to complete, and you must include a valid photo ID and up to date Paystub.
  6. You will be contacted by the customer support team via email or phone within 12-24 hours.

Contact us with any questions:  (800) 584-3596

Bob Hilke

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